Fabrizio Coltellaro – Does New Inventions of Technologies Are Ruining The Environment?

What was that invention that you saw recently? If it comes to me yesterday I saw a phone charging another phone wirelessly, it looks unbelievable but it’s true. Many companies have invented the android which is capable of charging other phones wirelessly. But before you get hyper about this and try to search about these phones, I would like to tell you that this is not our topic, but our topic is, are these technologies is safe for the environment?

As we all know, technology is the need of an hour. We cannot live without these technologies, but the most important thing is that we are not inventing the new technology by taking the environment into consideration. But opposed to it whenever it comes to show off we putt environment in first and try to show our willingness to save the environment. But when it comes to doing, we never get out of the comfort zone of our technologies.

Even though many organization is taking a step forward headed by leaders like Fabrizio Coltellaro, whose motive is to make people realize that this kind of behaviors is ruining our environment and one day it will drain away our life. There are many ways by which technology and modernization are destroying our environment.

Fabrizio Coltellaro – Does New Inventions of Technologies Are Ruining The Environment?

Beginning of New Era is Ending of Beginners?

Scientists said that a new generation is definitely going to be technology oriented. The new era is definitely going to be tough for new beginners. Problem is that improvement in the environment is lacking behind the improvement in technology. So before we move forward toward our conclusion we would like to show you some points which will clear your doubt on how technology and modernization are destroying the environment.

• Increased population leads to over-utilization of natural resources.
• Increased use of vehicles leads to pollution.
• Increased radiations from devices are ruining our natural habitats
• Increased mobility from rural to urban cities leads to overcrowding.
• Increased requirement of land leads to deforestation.

These are just a few points, but if you go on the real ground then you will come to know that technologies are destroying our natural environment. The most popular consequence of pollution is the depletion of the ozone layer due to a large amount of air pollution. This ozone layer is life savior of humanity otherwise without this ozone layer there would be no mark of humanity on earth.


As we know, that over-use of anything is harmful, so technology is also no exception. If we use it ruthlessly then the outcome will be horrific. Even though, people are getting more conscious about their health these days. Heart diseases are the main reason and also due to overuse of mobility machines like the car, bikes, buses instead of running, walking. Take a look at the people like Fabrizio Coltellaro it wants motivation too. So if you’re hurrying to go to your job, then don’t worry, take your vehicle out and go but make sure take out time for your health also.


Every person comes across one common thing daily that is technology. Nobody can resist himself from technology. Today it’s not just a machine but also a need for us. It’s a need of an hour. Technology surrounds everywhere even in our home as well as in our society. We cannot even wakeup without an alarm clock and cannot sleep without it. We are fully dependent on technology.

But, is it good to be dependent upon technology that much? I think we all know that it’s not good thing, but still we use it over excessively. But technology also had bought many changes in the recent years which seem to be good. If you want to know how technology good or bad for us than it’s a right place for you. Before we start concluding with our main topic we would like to tell you feature of technology.



I think we all know the basic definition of it. But technology is not about simplicity but something extraordinary. Technology is that factor of our life which control our emotion, behavior, thinking, as well as it affects our mind to. Technology affects us mentally and physically. Let’s check out features of the technology to know more about it.

  • Growth – technology is the common thing in the various countries which is growing. Its growth leads to huge impressive change. Growth of it also helps us saves life of many people. Even in countries like India, are adopting the new technology for growth.
  • Speed – have you ever seen a speed of a car of early 19’s? Absolutely slow. The main reason of existence of technology is its speed which is so fast. Technology is the medium to do work fast whether it is vehicle or machines in factory speed is the major benefits of the technology.
  • Economic – technology is fast as well as economic in nature. It not only reduce burden but also saves money and addition to it, products made with good technology are best in nature.
  • Need – have you ever seen a factory without a machine? I don’t think so. Even technology is first element of establishing the setup of factory. Technology is need of an hour.
  • Connectivity – connectivity is the main the feature of the technology. Technology brings out the different way of connectivity especially in the form of mobile phones. These days’ mobile phones are not just to talk but also a lifeline of our society.

Technology is not something which somebody gave us. We built it with the great efforts according to our need. It’s not only our need but also future of new generation. Most of the people use the technology in a very good manner specially people like Fabrizio Coltellaro, Who use the technology in the good sense. Especially these days many schools are adopting projector in the school to make student visualize the picture of their study.

What is the Purpose of Education

The purpose of education is to teach the basics so everyone has a shot at life 🙂 yet more than that to make the “sparkle” – the interest, the inventiveness, the certainty, the get-up-and-go for further information that enables an individual to develop past what they trust they can be. It’s a great deal to seek after – however I have watched it happen time and again…education changes the extent of the world.

Education  is set up our youngsters for advanced education, instruct them to explore social connections with friends from various foundations, to help them become tax paying members of society. zvonimir duric is to give them the structure squares to make sense of what they need to do with their lives and to start their interest to find out more and to build on the skills that they already have.

What is the Purpose of Education

Creating compassionate caring adults means treating children with compassion and care. Education is but one cornerstone of creating a vital, sustainable community. Each of us have a role to play in helping the very youngest of our citizens grow and thrive and fulfill their potential

The purpose of education is grow youngsters into profitable residents that utilization their insight, abilities, and educated aptitudes to support themselves and help other people while driving mankind forward in territories of balance, value, and concordance.

Instruction enables you to put stock in yourself and the learning to feel acknowledged esteem and love. Parents are the first educators to developed this confidence and self esteem to believe in education, letting kids know that every child is smart, capable of reaching their dreams and goals. Teachers are the other part this puzzle; they need to believe that every child is teachable and set high expectations for them and for themselves.